Multitasker´s power brain

Write the correct heading is sometimes harder than the article as a whole. In this case, however, it was exactly the opposite, because I linked two basic keywords – the amount of information and the brain which manage the process of perception. The main goal of this article is not to discuss about how to understand the flow of information or describe what time management means. The aim of following lines is to provide my best practices how to stay in the state of constant progress.

Personal development strategy

The most important step is to create a personal development strategy. This strategy should contain the basis pillars and goals you want to achieve in a given year. The strategy should be clear, concise, measurable and should be evaluated annually. My strategy is always written on the first sheets of my diary, so I have it every day on my table and everywhere I go, which helps me to keep my goals in mind. At the end of the year the evaluation is required. It is necessary to consider, which goals were accomplished, and which challenges were achieved. The evaluation will help you to set the strategy for the next year.

Self-observation and self-control

Due to wide range of disturbing effects, sometimes it is difficult to ensure continuous implementation of personal development strategy. People tend to make more efforts when they have right motivation. But the motivation usually fades away and the process of change could be threatened. My recommendation is to use the diary every day, mark tasks and make this as a daily routine. You need to make a habit

Discipline and scrupulosity

You need to adhere to your principles. My recommendation is to take a pleasure in accomplishment of small partial goals. It is also very important to keep in mind your main goal. I am so crazy for this part, because I bought a big flipchart, placed it near my bed, so every morning I take a look at my goal

Always do something extra

One way how to meet your partial goals is to get most out of every situation you are dealing with. For example, during my coffee break I always check my emails and tasks in my diary. When I visit some event, my goal is always to talk at least with 5 people and give them my business cards. During my free time I read business books, thing about my future and my strategy. I am not writing this blog in my native language, because I want to improve my English. I removed almost all disturbing elements which slow me down.


The need to search and keep important business contact is one of the most common phrases. But it is even more important to spend time with people who have the same mindset. It not depends on the area they are working in. It is essential, that they are ambitious, they have they own dreams and are not afraid of work hard and make a change. Those people can understand and advise you. Sometimes one sentence or advice is enough at the right time

Need to be compared

It is essential to compare yourself to others, but especially to know how to compare to you younger self. When I meet someone who fascinate me, or who have some special skill, naturally I am trying to overcome him. I am that type of person who always need to compete. The risk occurs, when the person leave, then our imaginary benchmark break, because we lost a contact necessary for comparison. Therefore, it is much more important to learn how to compare to yourself in time. Today, you can be always better then yesterday. This skill allow you to improve continually

Exclusion of interfering elements

When you start to implement previous advices, you will soon realize that there is too much disturbing elements, which are slowing you down. If you want to make your work even more effective, it is necessary to eliminate the most of disturbing elements, such as social networks, movies, and other forms of procrastination

Sleep and regeneration

Our performance is directly dependent on psychic balance and brain regeneration. That´s why it is always necessary to find enough time for take a rest and sleep. I recommend regular exercise, sport, healthy food. The burnout syndrome is very dangerous

Coffee and Chardonnay

Last advice I gives you as a winemaker. Sometimes is better to replace coffee by glass of wine.