Mental ground & pound

Mix martial arts in Czech and Slovak republic are still growing. During the last 3 years this sport has made great progress. I think it is natural, because the introductory stage of any project copy the shape of exponential curve. First MMA organization in Slovakia was established, first stars appeared, and based of rising viewing release numbers can be concluded continuing growth in near future.

The main goal of this article is not to describe or advocate this sport. However, I naturally tend to admire strong individuals independently of their working positions. And the success in MMA definitely depends on the patience, manfulness and will of the individuals. Thanks to aggressive internet promotion (and I don´t think the Matus Vallo pre-election campaign now) I have come across this brutal sport. But what surprised me most was, how many young, sympathetic and charismatic young people are willing to fight in a “octagon” where almost all rules are allowed.

Response rate of Facebook ads marked a positive result on my IP address and I started to follow two Czech fighters. Both have up to 30 years, both are willing to sacrifice all free time to achieve success. And both have learned more then ever during their biggest fight this year. Also me.

Milos Petrasek did not have as much experiences, number of fight and triumphs as his opponent. That is why he was training much more. If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do. It is the same as in other areas of life. But one major thing happened in the fight. Petrasek had more strength, more distinctive musculature, in comparision with his opponent, but he did not keep his head cold. After first minutes of opponent dominance, Petrasek’s ego suffered more than his scratches on his face. In the last minute Petrasek suddenly stopped following the strategy and started to fight very risky. To opponent took advantage of his exposed face and knocked him down. All effort and preparation can vain, if you make one mistake and do not control your thinking. And hours of training are suddenly lost.

In second match fought Czech talent David Kozma. He won because his opponent twisted his ankle and was not able to continue fighting. I think that everybody would rather fight with the risk of a possible loss, as win the match by default. It is the same as you are whole day looking for your favourite steak with wine but at the end of the day you have only bread with eggs. The purpose is met but the enjoyment is missing.

The positive side of both cases is, that fighters are humble and it will make them stronger.