Asian tigers and slovak lynx

Few weeks ago, I was reading a Trend magazine supplement, which was devoted to analyses of South Korea economy and Four Asian Tigers. University gave me complex overview of Asian countries economic situation. I understood the development, direct foreign investments, GDP, labour, and capital theories. As one of few students, I also read the complex Chinese Economy book, which contains thousands of numerical data.

Impressed by a very lively memory I decided to take a look at the piles of duty books in my bookcase. After few minutes of browsing through the books I realized, how many information I have almost forgotten. The capacity of human brain is limited, and its natural attribute is to erase useless information and memories.

Following this awareness, I was looking for some tool how to save the “big data” and not make my efforts to be worthless. Inspired by open innovation I realized to share my ideas with you. In this site I will be trying to write creative, attractive and inspirational blogs. Articles about business, economy, innovation and motivation. I hope you will find my blog useful and information will enrich your mind. Enjoy!